Finanzethik-Kongress 2015

24. und 25. September 2015 in Eichstätt


Prof. Dr. Ben van Lier

Prof. Dr. Ben van Lier

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The ‘enframing’ of the Financial Sector by Technology and Algorithms: from High Frequency Trading to Moral Machines?

Within this lecture I will go into the developments of High Frequency trading within the financial sector. This developments has made it possible that globally connected and autonomous machines are responsible for most of the financial trading within this sector. New ways of thinking about the growing relationships between machines and humans within this sector are necessary, especially about the ethical consequences which are concerned with these new and highly autonomous and interconnected technologies.

Ben van Lier is Director Strategy & Innovation at Centric, a Dutch ICT company with offices in Belgium, Norway, Germany and Switzerland and Romania. As part of this role, he focuses on research and analysis of developments in the interface between organisation and technology. Prior to his tenure at Centric he held directorships and management positions at government institutions and non-governmental organisations. Alongside his work at Centric, he obtained his PhD under Teun Hardjono at the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University), for which he performed research into the development of hybridisation, interoperability of information and network centric thinking. In 2013, he was appointed Professor at the Steinbeis University Berlin. His research activities in Berlin will focus on subjects like, Systems Theory, Interoperability of Information, Network Centric Developments such as Network Centric Warfare, the Internet of Things, Smart Industries/Industries 4.0 and Mobile healthcare.

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Thema 2015:
Ethik und Nachhaltigkeit in Banking und Vermögensberatung in der aktuellen zins- und währungspolitischen Situation
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Jahrbuch 2013:
Christoph Weber-Berg, Frank Zschaler, Sabine Meck,
Jens Kleine (Hg.):
Vertrauen und Verantwortung im Finanzsystem

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